Dagne Forrest’s poetry has appeared in journals in Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK. In 2021 she was one of 15 poets featured in The League of Canadian Poets’ annual Poem in Your Pocket campaign, had a poem shortlisted for the Bridport Prize, and won first prize in the Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize (Poetry). Her creative nonfiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Lake Effect, Paper Dragon and Sky Island Journal. She also belongs to the editorial and podcast teams of Painted Bride Quarterly.

Poems seen in…

“After Emily”, “After snow, the ground”, “Snowless Winter”, “Stardust”, Clover + Bee, Issue 5, Spring 2023

“The World Without Us”, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, 2023

“43 Per Cent”, duality, Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press, Winter/Spring 2023

“Post Apocalypse Heart”, SWWIM Every Day, 6 March 2023

“Natural Satellite”, The Amphibian Literary Journal, Issue 4, February 2023

“A Perhaps Inhabited World” and “Still Life with UFO”, The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, 2023

“The Week in Longing”, Rust & Moth, Spring 2023

“Magnetic North”, Please See Me, Issue #12, Diagnosis, Winter 2023

“A Little Distance”, November 2022 Winner, Arc Award of Awesomeness, Arc Poetry Magazine

“Oh My Stars”, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, 13 December 2022

“These Fugitive Wings” (reprint), Writing in a Woman’s Voice, 12 December 2022

“Nature startles in familiar spaces”, Whale Road Review, Issue 29, December 2022

“Harvest Pantoum”, Fresh Voices 27, League of Canadian Poets, Fall 2022

“Something sad about chickens in Italy”, The Moving Force Journal, Issue 6, fall 2022

“Speaking to the Birds”, The Ekphrastic Review, July 2022

“Two Variations on a Poem Ending with a Line by Marvin Bell”, december magazine, Issue 33.1 Spring/Summer 2022

“What is a bird”, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, 2022

“Mother’s Heart as Incandescent Lightbulb” and “The Art of Distraction”, Please See Me, Issue #10, Women’s Health, April 2022

“Birds Like Bombs”, Whale Road Review, Issue 26, Spring 2022

“Summer Lightning”, Stardust anthology, edited by Ted Stanley, Hammond House Publishing, 2022

“Battery Acid”, Fresh Voices 24, League of Canadian Poets, November 2021

“Birds in the Very Early Universe”, Prism International, Vol 60.1, Fall 2021

“Black Holes Here on Earth”, Sky Island Journal, Issue 18, Fall 2021

“Reduction”, One Sentence Poems, October 2021

“The Stowaway”, Unlost Journal, Issue 26, August 2021

“Suspension”, Atelier of Healing: Poetry About Trauma and Recovery (Squircle Line Press), July 2021

“Lost in the Woods III”, Deep Wild Journal, June 2021

“At Dusk”, Poem in Your Pocket Day 2021, League of Canadian Poets

Three poems in Fenland Poetry Journal (UK), Issue 4, Spring 2021

“Lost in the Woods” (a compressed sestina), The Crank, Issue 2, February 2021

“November”, Sky Island Journal, Issue 15, Winter 2021

“In the Heart of Winter”, The Moving Force Journal, Issue 3, Fall/Winter 2020

“Sonnet”, Not Very Quiet, Issue 6, March 2020

“At Dusk”, Prime Number Magazine, “Prime 53” Poem Summer Challenge, Issue 163, Oct-Dec 2019

“Unbuttered”, K’in Literary Journal, Issue 3, June 2019

Poems to come…

“Rabbit Holes”, The Journal of Undiscovered Poets, Issue 5, 2023

“The past is a doorway that pulses”, Sky Island Journal, Issue 25, Summer 2023

“Fwd:”, letters i’ll never send anthology edited by Jackie Bluu, planned publication 2023

“Sweet”, Literary Mama, January/February 2024 Issue

Shortlists & Prizes

“Sweet”, honourable mention, Arc Award of Awesomeness – December 2022, Arc Poetry Magazine

“Single Event Upset”, Poetry Shortlist Summer 2022, Spellbinder Magazine

“Abecedarian with Sharpened Vision”, honourable mention, Arc Award of Awesomeness – May 2022, Arc Poetry Magazine

“Summer Lightning”, 1st Prize – Poetry Category, 2021 International Literary Prize – Stardust

“Natural Satellite”, Mslexia 2021 Women’s Poetry Competition – Longlist

“What is a bird”, Bridport Prize 2021 – Poetry Shortlist

Creative non-fiction

“Residuum”, Lake Effect, Issue 27, Winter 2023

“Leaving Earth”, Sky Island Journal, Issue 19, Winter 2022

“Suspension”, Paper Dragon, Issue 1, R&R: Recovery & Resilience, Fall 2020

Painting of a chickadee against a night sky. Click to learn more!
This amazing chickadee was painted by Danielle K.L. Grégoire. Click to learn more.
Download postcards from Canada’s Poem in Your Pocket Day 2021

Two days later as I headed down the hill, another large piece of ice came loose from a birch tree and I couldn’t help but internalize that sudden letting go, the ice shifting from a glassy, almost protective coating following every notch and curve of the tree’s trunk and branches to a loose carapace to be shed without hesitation. 

Suspension, Published in Paper Dragon (Issue One, Fall 2020, R&R: Recovery & Resililence)