New Poem in Issue 18 of Sky Island Journal

Issue 18 of Sky Island Journal launched today and it’s an amazing one, full of particularly dark and interesting poems, microfiction, and CNF. It definitely has an October vibe for me.

It’s a thrill to be included for a second time in this amazing journal. The whole process and presentation is exceptional, and it’s really like being part of a literary family.

My poem “Black Holes Here on Earth” is sixth from the top of the page.

New poem in Unlost Journal

My poem “The Stowaway” launched recently with Issue 26 of the amazing Unlost Journal (right hand pointing/ambidextrous bloodhound productions).

Last winter I was obsessed with two long form essays on jetliner wheel well stowaways run by The Guardian, and the result is this poem. It wouldn’t have come into being without the sensitive guidance of Jason Schneiderman who helped me navigate the ethics of such a piece.

Found poetry is very much a new form for me and I’ve enjoyed discovering the work of other poets in this process. Issue 26 and all previous issues of Unlost have amazing work by poets working with found elements, redaction, and other hallmarks of this genre.

Additional Reading

Out of thin air: The mystery of the man who fell from the sky, by Sirin Kale, The Guardian

‘I passed out with the lack of oxygen’: truth of Heathrow stowaways’ tragic journey, by Ben Quinn, The Guardian

New Poem in the Atelier of Healing Anthology

Way back in December I heard that a poem of mine had been selected for a special anthology “The Atelier of Healing: Poetry About Trauma & Recovery”.

The pandemic shifted plans for the anthology, but it recently came to life in a gorgeous online form. I’m still taking it all in, it’s a beautiful project. The editors Eric F. Tinsay Valles and Desmond F. X. Kon ZC-MD had a unique vision and it’s really something.

My poem “Suspension” appears in chapter 6.

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2021

Originally started in the United States, Poem in Your Pocket Day has its own iteration in Canada thanks to the League of Canadian Poets.

I’m so excited to have one of my previously published poems be amongst the 15 poems shared in this year’s campaign.

PIYP 2021

My poem “At Dusk” was originally selected as one of four poems in a contest to launch a new poetic form, the Prime 53, created by the editors of Prime Number Magazine.

When I discovered the Poem in Your Pocket campaign last year — which seeks short poems that people of all ages can enjoy, including school children — I felt “At Dusk” was a great fit.

It’s such a thrill to see the poem on a designed card of its own.

And it’s really neat to be a part of a community of poets with this series.

Postcard cover of "At Dusk" by Dagne Forrest

Three poems in Fenland Poetry Journal

The UK’s Fenland Poetry Journal is a lovely small format print journal from England published twice a year by editor Elisabeth Sennitt Clough (also a poet herself).

Spring 2021

It’s such a pleasure to have three poems of mine appear in the spring 2021 issue of the journal:

“These Fugitive Wings”

“Landscape Without Snow”

“What a Fragile Thing a Year Is”

The journal features poets local and from other spots around the world. It’s quite unique.

Cover of Issue 4: Spring 2021, Fenland Poetry Journal
Issue 4: Spring 2021, Fenland Poetry Journal

A compressed sestina in The Crank

A variation on the sestina that I wrote a few years ago has found a home with a new UK literary journal, The Crank.

‘Lost in the Woods’ is the first in a series of poems I wrote, and the most abstract of the three.

The Crank is a rare journal that looks exclusively for work that engages with established forms, something my pattern-loving mind is drawn to.

Read ‘Lost in the Woods’ in Issue 2 of The Crank.

Cover image for Issue 2 of The Crank

Poem in Sky Island Journal

My poem ‘November’ is third in an amazing line-up in Issue #15 of Sky Island Journal. It’s a gorgeous collection of work from diverse authors — poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction. Very grateful to be part of it.

I’ve had wonderful experiences with a growing number of literary journals, but the editors of Sky Island Journal have a passion for supporting their writers that has been next-level-incredible to discover. From the thoughtfully detailed feedback on the poem they selected and why they were so excited to choose it, through the whole process of preparing for publication, and then right before publication day I received a handwritten postcard from the editorial team with thanks for being a part of it. Wow!

Thank you Jeff and Jason, and Sky Island Journal!To other writers out there: do check out this digital journal with a truly global readership. It’s gorgeously curated and full of excellent writing. If it feels like a good fit, go for it — the whole experience is just exceptional.

Essay published by Paper Dragon

I’m quite bowled over to have my first essay appear in the very first edition of Paper Dragon, with its theme of Recovery & Resilience.

Suspension, Issue One, Paper Dragon

When I picked up writing again four years ago, I leaned hard into poetry, but my mentor, the amazing Jason Schneiderman, spotted right away that a short piece I sent him to read last winter was the beginnings of a short memoir.

For that, and much else, I’m so very thankful.

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