New poems out in the world

I haven’t been posted much since last fall as life has been too busy. The last few months of 2022 were actually incredible, with something like fifteen poems picked up in short succession. It was affirming and exciting (if unsustainable!). Poem in SWWIM Every Day This is really exciting for me, having a poem pickedContinue reading “New poems out in the world”

A memoir of mental illness you shouldn’t miss

One of my dearest friends has just published a memoir of mental illness and I can’t recommend it enough. Unflinchingly honest, open, and incredibly generous, “Love & Theft” bravely shares Jocelyn Patten’s decades long struggle with schizoaffective disorder (yes, it’s possible to be plagued by both bipolar illness and schizophrenia, which seems like cosmic sh*tContinue reading “A memoir of mental illness you shouldn’t miss”

A Poem on the Eh Poetry Podcast

I’m so chuffed to be included in a new Canadian poetry podcast, by poet Jason E. Coombs. Jason’s vision is for a podcast that allows you to hear poems read in the same way you’d listen to a new or favourite song: on repeat. The idea is simple; after a short intro, he reads theContinue reading “A Poem on the Eh Poetry Podcast”

Poem in Whale Road Review, Issue 26

One of the great pleasures of writing poetry is reading poetry, and the launch of an issue that includes a poem of mine is always exciting for all of the new work it introduces to the world and to me. Birds Like Bombs I wrote the poem included in this issue a year ago, whenContinue reading “Poem in Whale Road Review, Issue 26”

Poem in Prism International

In the fall of 2021 I had a poem appear in the “Wonder” themed issue of Prism International, an excellent journal based in Vancouver, BC. Now that the next issue has appeared (also full of excellent work), I feel I can share screenshots from Issue 60.1, “Wonder”, in which my poem first appeared. The experienceContinue reading “Poem in Prism International”

First prize in Poetry category of Hammond House Publishing contest

When I noticed the “Stardust” theme of this year’s Hammond House Publishing literary contest, I knew I’d have to submit a few poems. That theme is right up my alley in so many ways.